Legend of Lost Aztec Treasure

According to one of the many legends surrounding the mysterious origins of the Aztecs, a story unfolds concerning a place called “Chicomoztoc” (or “The Seven Caves of Chicomoztoc”).  This yet identified location is also referred to as “the place of the ancestors”.  In the Aztec form of writing, the symbol representing this location took the form of a “curved mountain”.

Lost Aztec Treasure

Lost Aztec Treasure

The Aztecs eventually ended up in central Mexico where they founded the mighty city of Tenochtitlan.  From there, they conquered and subjugated the then entire known world.  It was chronicled by the conquering Spaniards that the Aztecs had so much gold that entire rooms were filled to the ceiling.  And although gold was admired by the Aztecs, it was not so much admired as things like jade or quetzal feathers.

It was this obsession with gold that pushed the conquistadores to attempt the unthinkable, defeat the mighty Aztec armies.  Although unthinkable, the allure of gold was so strong that death seemed an acceptable risk.

And, when the Aztecs were finally defeated, crushed by Cortez and his supporters, when the untold treasures of the entire empire were finally within hand, Cortez found…. nothing.

To this day, the whereabouts and what happened to the vast amounts of gold and treasure the conquistadores had seen in Tenochtitlan is unknown.

According to the author R.G. Babcock, “It is commonly believed that the Aztecs were conquered in 1519-21, and that they were decimated by disease, scattered by the Spaniards, and then absorbed by surrounding Indian tribes”.

“This not what happened, I think this conclusion is in error.  Written legend implies the Aztecs upon seeing the end of Tenochtitlan were once again guided by Huitzilopochtli, their patron god to their origin point.  Legend claims they returned to the place of seven caves taking their ceremonial and religious artifacts and treasures with them.”

Another argument Babcock gives besides written legend for this belief goes something like this; “Somewhere in the 19th century two men from the Midwest and an old Indian Chief were in an Arizona cave filled with treasure… A hundred years later I received a letter, describing a first-hand account of the lost gold of the Aztec Empire.  I believe Aztec gold is the source material for all those tales about a curse and lost gold in Arizona and New-Mexico”.  “I believe the Aztecs left a ceremonial cave there and it is still stuffed with the treasure that Cortez lost in Tenochtitlan (Mexico City).”

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